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Powerful digital asset management suite

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Unique B2B / B2C platform

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Modern solution for your business designed in collaboration with the industry leaders.

Digital Asset Management

  • Upload
  • Distribution
  • Work-in-progress
  • Lifecycle
  • Rights management
  • Metadata management
  • Taxonomy
  • Bulk edit
  • Permissions
  • Sharing
  • Cloud integration

Product Information Management

  • Product consumption
  • Catalogs management
  • Assortments
  • Product metadata management
  • Product readiness tracking
  • Omni-channel distributions
  • On-site preview
  • Collaboration

Marketing Campaign Management

  • Campaign metadata
  • Collaboration
  • Campaign lifecycle
  • Readiness tracking
  • KPI management
  • Asset approval
  • Discussions
  • Campaign distribution

Publications Management

  • Publications designer
  • Storage of publication packages
  • Digital print
  • Catalog creation
  • Catalog distribution

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We always tried to build a platform that could be used in a real-life conditions.

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Eugene Nikiforov
Head of PIM/DAM competency, EPAM

Companies are trying to create an engaging customer journey, but to find that engagement at a deeper level, they need to pull things together that live in silos from a data and content perspective. We see them struggle to get the benefit because they don’t have a scalable way to integrate the disparate data.



Collaboration platform for design teams worldwide



Platform for training courses creation and collaboration

Our platform named after the first dog in space. It means that our platform is quite unique. It will not replace your existing ecosystem: it will empower it with a new capabilities to enable better content flow and omni-channel distribution.

  • LAIKA is a heart of a complex solution for one of the biggest retailers in North America. This solution designed and implemented for advanced catalog management techniques. LAIKA aggregates product data from various sources and AI services to form a consolidated into a single entity (including product and pricing information) and represented as a table view that simplifies product selection process from various suplliers. Such approach allows brand managers to select a proper product for specific region or store and form an assortment.

  • One of the biggest fashion retailers in Europe found during pandemic that their assortment represented on their website only partially. The main reason was a low quality product content that does not allow to find out a lot of details about specific product. LAIKA in this case played role of a PCM: a solution that could be used for authoring of product data and collaboration. Product data could be validated among multiple rules to understand is it ready to be published in a specific channel or not. DAM part also supports the same flow against the digital assets. Once product is ready to be published it will be pushed to a specific channel automatically. Such improvement allowed to increase the quality of the content during online interaction.

  • One of the biggest digital services providers in Europe maintained several external media as a separate applications without any common foundation. Since the amount of such media websites is growing there was required to build a platform for content authoring and media plan management. LAIKA played role of a unified and scalable digital asset storage that could serve content to a multiple websites. Integrated with DXP platform it formed powerful media management solution that supported content creation for 5+ websites and media channels.

  • One of the biggest distributors of elecrical products in a world required a PIM platform that will cover all product information and content management scenarios and will become single source of thruth for the product data for all brands and subsidiaries around the globe. Product data management also was enchanced: solution consumes data from various sources and in various formats including specific for electrical products from different regions (ETIM, Fab-Dis, BMECat).


Advanced solutions

LAIKA could be a part of a bigger solution where product and asset management functionality is required. For example, LAIKA could cover product management and asset management fucntionality of a marketplace platform.

  • Asset management
  • Campaign management
  • Product management
  • Unified import
  • Quality checks
  • Verification
  • Lifecycle
  • Integrations
  • Reporting
  • Omni-channel distribution

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